Monday, September 15, 2014

GSKA Tournament!!

GSKA Tournament Manteca

Savannah Newman competed in Padded Weapons Sparring 11-13 Intermediate.  She took First Place, with the first place win she moved into First Place in the points.

Clarence Newman competed in Japanese/ Okinawan Kata (forms) 18-39 Brown Belt and below.  He took a Second Place, with the second place he has moved into forth in points.

Charles Blevins competed in two events this weekend.  Charles took a First Place in  Japanese/ Okinawan Kata (forms) 14-17 Intermediate.  Charles now stand on top of the points.  The second event Charles competed in was 14-15 Intermediate/Advance Boys Sparring.  Charles took a Third Place and is now Third in Points.

Skyler Boone also competed in two events  this weekend.  Skyler took a First in 12-13 Intermediate Boys Sparring and a First in 10-13 Beginners/Intermediate Boys Continuous Sparring.  Skyler also holds the points lead in both divisions.

Next Month, Belt Finals in Lake Tahoe!!!!!

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