Thursday, December 27, 2012

Eastern U.S.A International Martial Arts Association Black Belt Hall of Fame

 The 25th Annual Global Leadership Conference and U.S.A. International Black Belt Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies was held November 9-10-11, 2012 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Was a great experience had by all.  3 days of training and leadership seminars representing multiple styles and disciplines taught by instructors from across the United States and around the world.  Rodney C. Peoples was inducted to the Black Belt Hall of Fame for the Fourth Time.  This time he was inducted for the Golden Achievement Award.  Rhonda and William Lashbrook where inducted for their outstanding International Competition.  Andrew Plitt was inducted for his Extraordinary Martial Arts Spirit.  Andrea Newman received a KYU Award for Student of the Year.  Clarence Newman received a KYU Award for Outstanding Dedication and Skill in the Martial Arts Field.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

GSKA Division Championships

Golden State Karate Association (GSKA) Circuit of Champions Division Championships October 13th & 14th 2012 Lake Tahoe

It was a great weekend at the Montebleu Hotel and Casino in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.  Sensei Rodney Peoples and 5 of his students Rhonda and Williams Lashbrook, Clarence and Andrea Newman and Cathlyn Abbott earned a minimum of 100 points throughout the year to compete for several Division Champions. 

William Lashbrook won two Belt Champions.  The first belt was won in Padded Weapons Black belt under the age of 18.  The other belt he won was in Continuous Sparring Black Belts under the age of 18.

Andrea Newman won a Championship belt in Padded Weapons Female 18 and older Brown belt and below.
Clarence Newman won a Championship belt in Okinawan Forms 18 and up Brown belt and below.

Cathlyn Abbott won a Championship belt in 13 and 14 Intermediate Female points sparring.

To top off the weekend Sensei Peoples was Inducted into the GSKA Black Belt Hall of Fame.

Monday, September 10, 2012

GSKA Karate Tournament 9-8-2012, Manteca, CA

Sensei Peoples and three other students completed in the GSKA Tournament in Manteca on 9-8-2012.

Sensei Peoples took first place in the 50 & Up Black Belt Sparring.
Catelynn Abbott took first place in the 13/14 Inter/Adv Girls Sparring.
Clarence Newman took first place in Brown Belt and Below Forms(Kata)
Andrea Newman took four place in 18 & Over Brown Belt & Below Women’s Sparring.
These four plus Williams and Rhonda Lashbrook have qualified for the Belt Finals in Lake Tahoe on October 13th.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tuition Drop!

Yes, that's correct, starting August 1, 2012 tuition for karate classes is dropping from $100 per month down to $75 per month until the end of the year.  We understand times are difficult for many people and we understand the physical and mental benefits that come from Martial Arts training.  We don't believe that the people in our community should go without those benefits so we are lowering our tuition to help people who want to experience better fitness, mental clarity and improved self-confidence to do so without putting a strain on their budget.

So If you've always wanted to study martial arts, but haven't been able to afford it or if you've had to stop your training because of money issues, come train with us and join our Karate family.

Please direct questions to (209) 296-4200 or post your questions as a comment.

16th Irish Cup

Rhonda and William Lashbrook from the Ko Sutemi West in Pine Grove joined the AKJU Team America International Competition team for the 16th Irish Cup, held Dublin Ireland on Saturday, June 23rd 2012.  The 16th “Irish Cup” was held in Dublin’s National Basketball Arena, This is a multi – style event catering to Karate and JuJitsu, but it is open to all styles of martial arts.  The competitors had the opportunity to compete in Grappling, Individual and team Katas, Individual and team Sparring, Weapons and Self Defense.   This year the team consisted of 23 competitors.  The team had another outstanding day bringing home 27 Gold, 19 Silver and 18 Bronze medals; as well as 2 Grand Championships. 

Rhonda competed in Kata and won a Silver medal. 
William competed in Kata and also won a Silver Medal.   William also competed in Team Sparing and won a Bronze medal.
The A.K.J.U. TEAM AMERICA and A.K.J.U. ALL AMERICAN is a non discriminating Certified Federation recorded with the United States of America, State of Ohio, Office of the Secretary of State, which is open to all styles, age and belt rank, giving them the opportunity to travel and compete internationally and still remain in their own Dojo system of Federation.

A Carnival That Cares

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

GSKA Tournament August 11th 2012

Sensei Rodney Peoples took three competitors to the August 11th GSKA Karate Tournament in Stockton CA. 
Andrea Newman took fourth place in Woman’s 18 and Older Pointing Sparring.  Andrea is currently 11 points behind first place.
Savannah Newman took fifth place in 8-10 year olds Beginner Japanese/Okinawan Forms.  Savannah is currently fourth in the points.
Clarence Newman took first place in 18 and Older Brown and Below Japanese/Okinawan Forms.  Clarence is currently first in points.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ko Sutemi West Points for GSKA

The points after the July 14th, 2012 Golden State Karate Association, Gold Country Battle of Champions at the Amador High School Gym:
In the 9/10 Beginner Points Girls:  Savannah Newman finished fourth.  This was her first Tournament of the year in the GSKA.
12/13 Intermediate Boys points Sparring: Brett Gibney did not compete in this tournament.  His is fifth in points.  Brett is also fourth in points in the 11/13 Inter/Adv. Japanese/Okinawan Katas (Forms)

11/13 Inter/Adv. Japanese/Okinawan Katas (Forms):  Brooks Gibney is fourth in points. Brook with his brother Brett are in first place in the Brown & Below Team Forms Open/Weapons

13/14 Inter/Adv Girls Points Sparring: Catelynn Abbott was not able to compete in this tournament do to an injury.  Catelynn in tied for first place in the points.

14/15 Beginner Boys Points Sparring: Luke Rasmusson was not able to compete in this tournament and is holding on to second place in the points.  Luke also competes is the 14/17 Beg/Inter Boys Continuous Sparring and is holding on to First place in points.

18 & Up Brown & below Women’s Points Sparring: Andrea Newman finished in third for the tournament.  Andrea is second in point just 12 points behind.  Also Andrea competes in 18 & Up Beg/Inter Continuous Padded Weapons Sparring: Andrea won First place in the tournament and is in First place in the points.

18 & Up Beg/Inter Men 175lb & Below Points Sparring: Daniel Alfrey was not able to compete in this tournament. Daniel is tied for forth place in points.

18 & Up Red & Brown 175lb & Below Points Sparring: Kendrick Bartlett was not able to compete in this tournament.  Kendrick is tied for second place this to other competitors.  Ken is also third in points in the 18/39 Brown & below 18 & Up Japanese/Okinawan Katas (Forms).

14/17 Adv/Blk Boys Continuous Sparring:  William Lashbrook finish second in this tournament and holds a 47 points lead over four other competitors.  William also completes in 13/17 Advance Continuous Padded Weapons Sparring:  William won First place tournament and is First in points.  For Williams final division 14/17 Black Belt Traditional Forms, William finished second and is third in points just three points behind second place.

18/39 Brown & below 18 & up Japanese/Okinawan Katas (Forms): Clarence Newman finished second in the tournament and moved into first place in points.

40/49 Black Belt All Styles Traditional Forms:  Rhonda Lashbrook finished second in the tournament and is second in points.  Rhonda also competes in the 40 & Up Black Belt Open Forms; she finished in second place and is second in points.

17 & Under Beg/Inter Self Defense:  Max Cohn, this was his first tournament and he won First place.

We also want to thank our sponsors for this tournament because without them this would not have happened.  American Legion post 108, American Legion Ambulance, American Legion Riders, Dan Duran and Nationwide Insurance, Sterling Auto Repair, Get Ripped Nutrition, Fastenal of Jackson, Frontier Minimart Pine Grove 76 station, and Blue Moon cafe in Pine Grove.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Big Thank You!

We just wanted to send a Very Big Thank You to everyone who came out and competed in the tournament on Saturday (July 14, 2012) at Amador High School and a Very Special Thank You to everyone who came out to watch.  We had a great time and we hope you all did as well.

Don't forget that this tournament was a qualifying tournament for the Irish Cup international tournament that will be taking place next summer.  If you competed or have any questions about qualifying for the Irish Cup please contact us.

 The above picture is of beginner children's sparring.  Michelle Walker (left) one of our instructors at KSW Karate helped judge during the competition.

This is a picture of the sparring grand champion.  Also, on the far left is Robin Taberna, the founder of the GSKA Karate Tournament circuit and the last two people on the right are Sensei Rodney Peoples and his son Sensei Michael Peoples from the KSW Karate dojo who helped judge the tournament.

The grand champion of kata.

In this picture Robin Taberna and his wife Janis Taberna, these are the founders of the Golden State Karate Association and we were honored to assist them in bringing a karate tournament to Amador County.

We also want to thank our sponsors for this tournament because without them this would not have happened.  American Legion post 108, American Legion Ambulance, American Legion Riders, Dan Duran and Nationwide Insurance, Sterling Auto Repair, Get Ripped Nutrition, Fastenal of Jackson, Frontier Minimart Pine Grove 76 station, and Blue Moon cafe in Pine Grove.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Karate Tournament Coming to Amador High School

If you're a martial artist and want to show your fighting skills or one of your favorite katas, the KSW Karate Dojo, in cooperation with the Golden State Karate Association, is hosting a Karate tournament at Amador High School in Sutter Creek, CA on July 14th.  We would love to see many people from our Amador County community there enjoying the show and/or competing.  The doors open at 9:00am and admission is $10 for spectators.  If you have any questions please give us a call at (209) 296-4200.  We would love to hear from you.

Friday, June 22, 2012


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