Friday, August 8, 2014

GSKA Tournament

Going into this weekends tournament!

Rodney Peoples is in Third Place in Points for 50 & up Black Belt Point Sparring.  He is also in Second Place for 50 & up Black Belt Traditional Forms (Kata) All Sytles.

Jason Dokie is in Third Place in Points for 15-39 Black Belt Japanese/Okinawan Forms (Kata).  He is also in Third Place in Points for 36-49 Black Belt Mens Sparring 175 & Under.

Skyler Boone is in a Tied for First Place in 10-13 Beg/Inter Boys Continuous Sparring.  Skyler is also in First Place in 11-13 Inter/advance Japanese/Okinawan Forms (Kata).  He is also in First Place in 12-13 Inter Boys Point Sparring.

Serene Pierson is in Second Place in Points in 18-39 Brown Belt and Below Traditional Forms.  She is also in Third Place in 18& Up Brown & Below Women's Point Sparring.  She is also in First Place in 18 & Up Brown and Below Women's Padded Weapons Sparring.

Good Luck to Everyone!!

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Friday, August 1, 2014

West Coast National

Thanks To Everyone!

The Sensei's and Students who stayed for the whole tournament!

Dear Sensei's & Students 
I would like to thank all those who came to the West Coast Nationals July 16. 
I was still very pleased with the refereeing and the sportsmanship from the people from the west coast. 
We will be going to Dublin, Ireland, June 2015 for the 19th Irish Cup, and all of you have the certificate to show that you have qualified to travel Internationally with the AKJU TEAM AMERICA, which is a registered International team and the travel funds are non profit. 
We are able to get a reduced rate or at a much lower cost for those who travel with the team.  Once I received the deposit I can then write a sponsor letter and show how to get sponsors.  Some are able to get sponsors and other are not.
That all depends on you. 
The AKJU TEAM AMERICA will only be holding this competition once a year, we do this with the help of Rodney Peoples from Pine Grove, CA. Rodney was my student when he was around 14-15 years old. You all may know Rodney as he and his students who are very well involved and compete at all the other tournaments around the area. 
I hope you will pass the word to all the other instructor in and out of the area, to compete next year, We have always tried to run a fair, safe and fun tournament with a chance to travel and compete international. 
We see the world and have traveled to 23 different countries in the last 18 years. Our Motto is 
"We Travel, We fight, we Win !!!" and do look at our web page
Don Madden
We also want to thank Nichole Mulford (Amador County for singing the National Anthem.