Monday, February 11, 2013

Inter Club Tournament Results

Tournament Results

Point Sparring 7 – 12 yrs
1st: Savannah Newman           2nd: Connor Johnson    3rd:Jacob Huffman       4th:Travis Wright
Point Sparring 13 – 18 yrs
1st: Joey Schow            2nd: Catelynn Abbott

Point Sparring 18 & Over
1st: Clarence Newman                        2nd: Andrea Newman

Flag Sparring 7 – 12 yrs
1st: Etienne Pieterse    2nd: Travis Wright        3rd:Natasha Truelock   4th:Jacob Huffman

Flag Sparring 13 – 18 yrs
1st: Catelynn Abbott    2nd: Joey Schow

Flag Sparring 18 & Over
1st: Will Lashbrook      2nd: Mason Altman      3rd: Clarence Newman

Forms under 12 yrs
1st: Etienne Pieterse            2nd:Connor Johnson         3rd:Travis Wright         4th: Savannah Newman

Forms over 12 yrs
1st: Catelynn Abbott        2nd: Clarence Newman     3rd: Mason Altman

Padded Weapons 7 – 12 yrs
1st: Jacob Huffman      2nd: Connor Johnson    3rd:Travis Wright         4th:Etienne Pieterse

Padded Weapons 18 & Over
1st: Clarence Newman            2nd: Mason Altman      3rd: Catelynn Abbott

Black Belt Point Sparring
1st: Cameron Peoples              2nd:Will Lashbrook       3rd: Danny Schow        4th: Nick Schow

Black Belt Forms

1st: Cameron Peoples     2nd: Will Lashbrook        3rd: Nick Schow          4th: Danny Schow 

Monday, February 4, 2013

First Belt Test of the Year

The First Belt Test of the year.  Six students took the test for each of their belt levels.  Mason Altman and Travis Wright were promoted to Yellow Belts.
  Jacob Huffman, Connor Johnson and Etienne Pieterse were promoted to Blue Belts and Clarence Newman was promoted to Purple Belt.