Dojo Rules

1.      Always show respect for your teachers, other people and yourself.
2.      Never talk badly about your teachers, other students, yourself or any other martial arts school or martial style.
3.      Respect the dojo it is a sacred place.  We must keep it clean and tidy.
4.      Always have a positive, upbeat attitude and encourage others.
5.      Always wear the appropriate gear when sparring.
6.      Always wear the appropriate uniform when training.
7.      Keep your fingernails and toenails short and clean.
8.      For safety reason jewelry or similar things must not be worn during training; if you can not remove jewelry then it must be covered with a tape.
9.      Never intentionally cause harm to yourself or someone else.
10.  Bow when entering the mat and exiting the mat.
11.  Students address all Black Belt Instructors as Sensei and lower belt rank Instructors as Sempai
12.  Entering the Dojo greet your fellow students quietly, warm up, practice Kata until the lesson begins but never do kumite (sparring) without the Sensei's permission!
13.  Members arriving late must take a Seiza (kneeling) position at the back of the Dojo and wait for the instructor's permission before joining the class. On receiving permission, bow and then join the class.
14.  If you have to leave the dojo before class is over (because of another commitment or a problem) it is best to inform the Instructor ahead of time.
15.  Always wear clean Karate-Gi (Suit) – there are no excuses for a dirty Gi, and make sure your Obi (Belt) is correctly tied. When you secure the knot in your Obi this symbolizes that you are willing to train with your heart as well as with your body.
16.  During class, students should not converse with each other. Questions should be kept to a minimum to avoid interrupting the flow of the class.
17.  If it becomes necessary to adjust the Gi, or belt, students should turn away from the front of class. Normally, this should only be done during a break in training.
18.  Dojo etiquette. It is considered very disrespectful to lean against walls, stand with crossed arms, or be prone to undue restlessness and distraction such as looking at the clock or out the windows, silly behavior as this suggests boredom. A big part of your training is learning to stay focused regardless of distractions. This is also a useful skill in situations outside the dojo.

19.  The class commences and finishes with two ceremonies, all students line up in order of Belt Rank, facing the front. Students line up in one row (space permitting), from right to left, in order of rank! Within each rank, students also line up from right to left, in order of seniority. 

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