What We Offer

At the KSW Karate Dojo we want to offer the very best training experience possible at the most affordable price possible.  We are always looking for new ways to improve your training experience and for classes that will make a healthful, active lifestyle more accessible to everyone in a way that compliments their personal preferences.

Below is a list of Martial Art and Wellness related services that we currently have available for our Amador County Community:

  •  Adult Karate Classes - 4 nights per week Karate classes are taught to help fine tune fighting techniques and traditional Karate Katas (A Kata is a set of fighting techniques that a person can practice without a partner to help them fine to their fighting skills).

  • KSW Kids - Children's Karate classes 4 nights per week.  These classes teach children self discipline, respect, honor, and the value of hard work for achieving goals.  This is all taught in a safe family oriented environment that is fun for the kids.  We know you want the best for your children and we strive to offer them the very best training in these classes.

  • Brown and Black Belt Night 

  • Healing Hands Massage - Massage Therapist Andrea Newman offers massage therapy at the KSW Karate Dojo to everyone in the community.  It is important to train hard to strengthen the body, but it is also important to take time to nourish, relax, and replenish the body.  Healing Hands Massage offers the perfect balance to the hard martial arts training that we enjoy so much at the KSW Karate Dojo. (209) 304-1102 

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