Wednesday, March 27, 2013

2nd Interclub Tournament

Point Sparring Under 7yrs
1st: Cody Lowry
Point Sparring Under 7 – 12 yrs
1st: Etienne Pieterse    2nd: Travis Wright        3rd:Sierra Lowry          4th:Savannah Newman

Point Sparring 18 & Over
1st: Daniel Alfrey         2nd: Clarence Newman    3rd: Mason Altman

Flag Sparring under 7yrs
1st: Coby Lowry   2nd: Haley Lowry

Flag Sparring 7 – 12 yrs
1st: Colby Brown          2nd: Travis Wright        3rd:Natasha Truelock   4th: Etienne Pieterse

Flag Sparring 18 & Over
1st: Mason Altman       2nd: Clarence Newman   3rd: Daniel Alfrey   4th: William Lashbrook

Forms under 12 yrs
1st: Etienne Pieterse    2nd:Travis Wright        3rd:Sierra Lowry   4th: Savannah Newman 

Padded Weapons under 7yrs
1st: Haley Lowry   2nd: Coby Lowry

Padded Weapons 7 – 12 yrs
1st: Natasha Truelock   2nd: Savannah Newman   3rd: Etienne Pieterse   4th:Sierra Lowry

Padded Weapons 18 & Over
1st: Daniel Alfrey   2nd: Clarence Newman   3rd: William Lashbrook

Black Belt Point Sparring
1st: Will Lashbrook   2nd:Gordan Bozeman

Black Belt Forms
1st: Rodney Peoples   2nd: Will Lashbrook

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thank You!

We would like the thank Sterling Auto Repair for being one of our sponsors for the GSKA Karate Torunament that we will be hosting at Amador High School on April 13th.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Thank You!

We want to thank Aaron's for providing the water for the Gold State Karate Association tournament that we will be hosting at Amador High School April 13th 2013.  doors open at 9am.  Spectators are $10, Seniors 62+ $8, Ages 6-12 are $5.  To enter into the tournament download form from

Monday, March 18, 2013

Black Belt

Brian Dommes (on the right) on March 5th, 2013 became the 13th Sho Dan (1st Degree Balck Belt) promoted by Rodney C. Peoples.
Brian Dommes receiving his Kata.