Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ko Sutemi West Points for GSKA

The points after the July 14th, 2012 Golden State Karate Association, Gold Country Battle of Champions at the Amador High School Gym:
In the 9/10 Beginner Points Girls:  Savannah Newman finished fourth.  This was her first Tournament of the year in the GSKA.
12/13 Intermediate Boys points Sparring: Brett Gibney did not compete in this tournament.  His is fifth in points.  Brett is also fourth in points in the 11/13 Inter/Adv. Japanese/Okinawan Katas (Forms)

11/13 Inter/Adv. Japanese/Okinawan Katas (Forms):  Brooks Gibney is fourth in points. Brook with his brother Brett are in first place in the Brown & Below Team Forms Open/Weapons

13/14 Inter/Adv Girls Points Sparring: Catelynn Abbott was not able to compete in this tournament do to an injury.  Catelynn in tied for first place in the points.

14/15 Beginner Boys Points Sparring: Luke Rasmusson was not able to compete in this tournament and is holding on to second place in the points.  Luke also competes is the 14/17 Beg/Inter Boys Continuous Sparring and is holding on to First place in points.

18 & Up Brown & below Women’s Points Sparring: Andrea Newman finished in third for the tournament.  Andrea is second in point just 12 points behind.  Also Andrea competes in 18 & Up Beg/Inter Continuous Padded Weapons Sparring: Andrea won First place in the tournament and is in First place in the points.

18 & Up Beg/Inter Men 175lb & Below Points Sparring: Daniel Alfrey was not able to compete in this tournament. Daniel is tied for forth place in points.

18 & Up Red & Brown 175lb & Below Points Sparring: Kendrick Bartlett was not able to compete in this tournament.  Kendrick is tied for second place this to other competitors.  Ken is also third in points in the 18/39 Brown & below 18 & Up Japanese/Okinawan Katas (Forms).

14/17 Adv/Blk Boys Continuous Sparring:  William Lashbrook finish second in this tournament and holds a 47 points lead over four other competitors.  William also completes in 13/17 Advance Continuous Padded Weapons Sparring:  William won First place tournament and is First in points.  For Williams final division 14/17 Black Belt Traditional Forms, William finished second and is third in points just three points behind second place.

18/39 Brown & below 18 & up Japanese/Okinawan Katas (Forms): Clarence Newman finished second in the tournament and moved into first place in points.

40/49 Black Belt All Styles Traditional Forms:  Rhonda Lashbrook finished second in the tournament and is second in points.  Rhonda also competes in the 40 & Up Black Belt Open Forms; she finished in second place and is second in points.

17 & Under Beg/Inter Self Defense:  Max Cohn, this was his first tournament and he won First place.

We also want to thank our sponsors for this tournament because without them this would not have happened.  American Legion post 108, American Legion Ambulance, American Legion Riders, Dan Duran and Nationwide Insurance, Sterling Auto Repair, Get Ripped Nutrition, Fastenal of Jackson, Frontier Minimart Pine Grove 76 station, and Blue Moon cafe in Pine Grove.

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