Thursday, July 3, 2014

18th Irish Cup results

The AKJU Team America competitors spent one week in Portugal and a week in Ireland.

AKJU Team America won 19 Gold, 15 Silver, 3 Bronze, a 2nd in team fighting and two Irish cups.

David King black belt won both gold medals in Ju-Jitsu, grappling and fighting, 2nd in team Fighting and the Irish Cup in Ju-Jitsu.

Paul Franks won gold in Duo Ju-Jitsu, Silver in Black Belt Fighting and 2nd in Team Fighting.

Tom Hodgins black belt won gold in Koryu Kata, gold in Seniors Weapons and Silver in Duo Ju-Jitsu.

Brittany Lawson won the gold in Ladies Black Belt Ju-Jitsu Fighting, Karate Forms and Weapons, Silver in Ju-Jitisu Graggling, Karate Fighting and Synch Forms and the Irish Cup.

Robert Lisle black belt won gold in weapons and silver in Team Fighting.

Karen Wright black belt won gold in Weapons

Susan Serta black belt won Gold in Forms.

Robert Wiles green belt won gold in Ju-Jitsu duo, Silver in Karate Forms and Team Fighting, bronze in Ju-Jitsu fighting and Grappling and Karate Fighting.

Cathy Peart ladies green belt won gold in Fighting, Forms, and Weapons and silver in Synch Forms.

Mary Lisle won gold in Weapons.

AKJU Team America West Coast National Karate & Ju-Jitsu Championships will be July 19th, At Amador High School GYM, Sutter Creek, CA 95685.  See Registration page for more details.

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