Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The 4th Interclub Tournament

Under 7 Point Sparring  1st Place Micah Puryear, 2nd Place Logan Johnson

Point Sparring 7 - 12  1st Place Connor Johnson, 2nd Place Jacob Huffman, 3rd Place Savannah Newman

Point Sparring over 13 1st Place Brain Tenneson, 2nd Place Joe Schow, 3rd Place Clarence Newman, 4th Place Skyler Boone

Beginner Forms (Kata)  1st Place TJ Pierson, 2nd place Kyle Leake, 3rd Place Kaden Leake and 4th Place Jayden Leake

Intermediate Forms (Kata) 1  1st Place Jacob Huffman, 2nd Place Connor Johnson, 3rd Place Logan Johnson, 4th Place Micah Puryear

Intermediate Forms (Kata) 2  1st Place Serene Pierson, 2nd Place Brian Tenneson, 3rd Place Syler Boone

 Brown & Black Belt Forms (Kata)  1st Place Rhonda Lashbrook, 2nd Place Clarence Newman, 3rd Place Joe Schow

Padded Weapons  1st Place Savannah Newman, 2nd Place Connor Johnson, 3rd Place Jacob Huffman

Flag Sparring Under 7  1st Place Micah Puryear

Flag Sparring  1st Place Skyler Boone, 2nd Travis Wright, 3rd Jaydan Leake, 4th Kyle Leake

Thank You!
Aarons, Fastenal and Sterling Auto Repair for supporting the KSW Karate and the GSKA.

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