Thursday, February 20, 2014

GSKA Tournament

We had three of our athletes compete in the GSKA tournament this past weekend. 
Skyler Boone complete in 10-13 Boys Continuous Sparring, he finished second.    With his second place he is currently in second place in the points.
Serene Pierson competed in three divisions:  18 & UP Brown & Below Women’s Sparring (Kumite), Serene placed first and she is currently second in points.  In Padded Weapons 18 & UP Intermediate she placed first and is currently first in points.  In Forms (Kata) Brown & Below 18 & UP, Serene place first and is currently first in points.


Rodney Peoples competed in two divisions:  50 & UP Black Belt Sparring All Wts.  He placed first and is first in points.  Rodney also competed in 50 & Up Black Belt Trad Forms All Styles were he finished first and also is in first place in the points.
Thank You! Aarons and Fastenal for the supporting KSW Karate and the GSKA  

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